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All members please do the following:

1. Go to Manchester United Forum
2. Click on "sign in"
3. Click on "I've forgotten my password Password"
4. Enter your email address
5. Log in to your email account, you should have an email
6. The email will contain 2 links to reactivate the password. Click on the first one.
7. Once you click on that link you will see a screen with that has a button that says "proceed". Click on it and you'll receive a second email. That contains your new password.
8. Go to, click on "sign in" and you will be able to log in using the password you received and your email. Your username to log in will be your email address and your password will be the one you received by email. When you log in you can select "remember me", If you select that option you won't need to enter your password again; however, If you want to change the password to another one that is easier to remember you should not select "remember password".
9. Once you log in on the top right side you'll see your username. Click there and you'll be able to choose your settings, privacy, thumbnail image, etc. If you click on "my profile" and then "edit profile" you will be able to change your password so that you do not need to use the autogenerated one.

If you do not get the emails within 5 minutes check your spam folder.





RVP is not performing well at all, likewise. No striking force, let united always keep the striking force in the opponent goal , let the players study themselves well, LVG give Falcao a change of playing well than RVP. what would we like to change at Manchester United. well the big thing is stop Conceding Goals that both Defenders and Goal keeper could save and deal with a bit better than what they are doing at moment!! Wasn't a convincing win United got lucky. A CB is needed when the January transfer window is open. Gundogan would be a good buy for CDM and alternate between Shaw and Blind in LB. A CB is desperately needed. San Francisco Web Design a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step,we're surely getting there and believe me we ll be there glory glory glory man utd.