Manchester United Rivals

Any team with a long history is going to build up great rivalry along the way and Manchester United are no exception. The Red Devils have been around since 1878 and have been largely successful for over 100 years so jealousy and a desire to secure greater success will tend to fuel that rivalry.

Let’s take a look at the teams in question:

Manchester City

Manchester-City-FC-badgeThis is an obvious one: Manchester City are the ‘noisy neighbours’ and as the side closest to United in geographical terms, there is a natural rivalry going on between them. Those who are only familiar with City in the Premier League era will recall that they dropped into the third tier of English football relatively recently but they have enjoyed plenty of success over the years and with new owners pumping millions into the club, they are now back at the very top.

Manchester City have won the Premier League twice but had previously taken the old first division trophy on two separate occasions. They’ve also won the FA Cup five times and although that overall record isn’t comparable to United’s it’s a respectable one and in the modern day, they have a squad that can compete with the best.


liverpoollogoThe 1970s and 1980s were a relatively barren period for Manchester United. They may have won the FA Cup on three separate occasions across those decades but they didn’t win a single First Division title and at the end of the 1973/74 season the unthinkable happened as they were relegated into the second tier.

Over the same twenty year period, Liverpool won the league on no fewer than eleven occasions while adding in three FA Cups for good measure. The Reds on Merseyside were quick to point out at the time that they held the record for domestic league trophies but since United won the Premiership in 1992/93, that’s a record that they have since taken over.

The rivalry between the clubs remains despite Liverpool’s own trophy drought and it’s a bitter relationship. Transfers between the two are extremely rare with Phil Chisnall’s move from Anfield to Old Trafford in 1964 being the last time that a player moved directly between these clubs.

Leeds United

leedsunitedLeeds United’s rivalry with Manchester United is largely based around similar issues to that of Liverpool’s. In the early 1970’s, while the Red Devils were struggling to land any type of trophy, Leeds were one of the most successful clubs in England, winning a number of trophies during the Don Revie era.

A league championship in 1973/74 was the pinnacle and ironically, Leeds were the last side to win the old first division title before the Premiership era heralded United’s dominance.

But there are other reasons why the clubs’ supporters detest each other with Leeds and Manchester United representing Yorkshire and Lancashire respectively in football’s version of the War of the Roses. Transfers between the two clubs do happen but players such as Rio Ferdinand and Gordon McQueen who take the direct route are never forgiven by their former fans.

Arsenal and Chelsea

Manchester United have dominated the Premier League era and in 23 seasons since the competition took over from the old first division, they have won the title on no fewer than 13 occasions. In that time, only Chelsea and Arsenal have really come close to matching them and challenging their dominance – although Manchester City have emerged far more recently as viable title contenders.

Rivalry between managers has also been notable during that time with Sir Alex Ferguson looking forward to his encounters with Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho at Chelsea who, ironically, is now the boss at Old Trafford.

Once again, there have been transfers between the sides involved and they included a particularly controversial deal that took Juan Mata from Chelsea to United. Fans at Stamford Bridge were angry that the club had sold the Spanish international to one of their biggest rivals and Mata is now enjoying life under Jose Mourinho once again – this time at Old Trafford!

Games between these teams can be feisty affairs with Manchester United v Arsenal being a highly volatile game when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge. The hostility between players such as Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira was always evident and tackles were fierce with no-one holding back.

Manchester United also have rivalries in Europe, most notably against Bayern Munich who they defeated in such dramatic fashion in the Champions League final of 1999. But it’s the domestic rivalry that really stirs up interest as United can truly claim to be the most successful team of the Premier League era.

They may not have won the trophy since 2012-13 but with 20 league titles overall, it will be a long time before any of these rivals get a chance to catch up.